For Users


Check school news feeds and photo albums

Track the school bus location

Can easily send leave application

Check homework and notices


Send homework & assignments using mobile app

Send notes to students & parents

Easy tracking of students attendance

Send queries to Institute


View important news and notices instantly

Check homework , assignments and circulars

Send Queries to institute

Track the school bus location

Institute Admin

Deactivate user from the system

Send information of upcoming events & activities

Send notices and to platforms

Add new Students into the system


Quick Updates

Instant updates to parents on circulars and notices from school & reminder of upcoming events or changes.

Exam Result

Parents can check and download their kids progress report card through the mobie App as-soon-as the results are declared.


Homework and Assignments given by class teacher can be very easily view and downloaded through Mobile App.

Quick Search

This platform provides a search functionality which can be used by anyone to search institutes by name or pincode.

Attendance Update

Edusift Mobile App allow parents to keep a track of attendance of their children on day-to-day and monthly basis.

School Bus Tracker

Parents can easily track the Institution bus location of their kids any time just by using EduSift Mobile App.

Send & Receive Query

Student guardian can use this platform mobile app to send a query to institution related to their child.

Quick News Feeds

Institute can post news about all the activities and events going on in institute .

Photo Gallery

Parents can view the photo albums of institution any time by using Edusift Mobile App.